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Web marketing with the right support and tools can create quality opportunities for your business. The great thing is that it cost less than traditional marketing methods although many businesses often overlook this great option.


The percentage of consumers that research a potential purchase online is growing and in some sectors it has reached 90% (9 out of ten people search for a product online before making contact with a retailer.


Current data suggest that over 75% of UK households have Internet access. This represents a vast opportunity for any business. You simply cannot ignore promoting your company online.


A cost effective online process that works is crucial if you are determined to deliver more sales. You don’t have to break the bank to get your business in front of the right clients who are searching for products in your niche.


Market sector sites

The return on the investment delivered by E Pineapple is designed to be attractive at prices starting from £159.00 + vat for 12 months (We have the techniques to promote your business online).


For more information on how we can help your business, send a request via our email contact page and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your specific business requirements.


Page Rank

Marketing Essentials

Marketing is the most important thing you can do in your business. It’s the one thing you probably don’t ever want to outsource to someone else or, if you do, ever let outside the scope of your control and oversight. You must at the very least have a regular marketing report.


The promotion of your business is one of the most important activities undertaken. The media team at E Pineapple are very aware of how important it is! That’s why the development of community website is carefully constructed to allow all advertisers to obtain a level of promotional exposure that is both highly targeted and cost effective.


Effective Internet marketing will put your business in front of prospects that are searching for your product and services. Even if you are not selling products online you will still benefit from an Internet marketing strategy that is targeted at people looking for you! What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) put simply is the art of getting a web site to work better with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With Pineapple you can be sure that your online presence will perfectly match that of your potential clients. “What could be better?

What’s a top page rank worth?

Whether you are an online e-commerce shop or a retailer with a high street location you need a top page rank to generate site visitors.  A page one listing for the organic search results is the place you should be aiming to position your website. Many companies are prepared to pay to ensure a page one listing this is achieved via pay per click the cost varies dependent on the competitive nature of keywords. The economics for each search phrase must assessed carefully if you are a business that trades in a local area you should optimise your website marketing to attract local web users.


Natural organic search vs. Pay per click can be summed up quite simply as follows. Natural generates a flow of reasonable traffic at a low cost and PPC can generate a volume good quality traffic but at a high cost.          


Getting your site indexed and ranked within Google, Yahoo and Bing should be a prime objective for all website owners. A great looking website is nice but if it not registered it will not generate traffic and traffic has to be the number one goal.

The % of traffic that goes to a site on page one is substantial the numbers of users that go onto page 2 is by contrast small. That's why you need to know how your site can be improved. A full support programme form E P SEO will provide you with vital information that you simply must have to improve your rankings.


This blueprint document will give you the ammunition to challenge your keyword competition, armed with a set of instructions that allows even a beginner can carry out essential on page changes.

Natural listing vs. pay per click

If you need help to calculate your website potential talk to E P SEO today!



In reality only two things can possibly happen when a visitor lands on your web page a sale is closed or the prospect leaves unlikely to return.


“Lets repeat this”


In reality only two things can possibly happen when a visitor lands on your web page a sale is closed or the prospect leaves unlikely to return.





What’s a market territory advert Listing?

Better position – better response

A market territory advert Listing gives your business a more prominent position for your particular business sector making it much easier for potential clients to find you at a click of a mouse.

Your business is our business!

People need help finding the right business in the right locality.  A-Z listings lets you describe your business in detail using keywords, pictures and maps.

Easy search programme facility

Premier business listing is linked to your website making it easy for visitors to navigate from our landing page directly to your business.




People who make your Website Work!






At EP we’ve established a reputation for delivering first class marketing results, we’re proud to be a firm focused on digital marketing at a price that is affordable to every organisation. You may not be aware of how your potential clients search for related products and services online but we follow the trends for you. This advertising comes at a fraction of the cost of you having to develop a campaign on yourself. We operate local campaigns where we divide regions into smaller, more cost-effective areas. Some of our local advertising campaigns are split into business category.


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