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Website design and SEO

How much time are your potential customers spending online? well if your business sector was automotive it could be anything from five to ten hours. Know wonder why every car manufacturer and dealer allocates a large proportion of their marketing budget to web activity. The facts are many of your potential clients will have purchased products online, or in the case of the car dealer carried out product research before arriving at the showroom. Consumer analysis has revealed that when a potential client has completed a product review and decides to visit a supplier they often buy, so the information and copy you publish online is critical even if you are not directly selling products online.


Good quality web presentations that captivate interest are therefore extremely important only a small sector of companies provide web services and design that include “SEO” Search engine optimisation for all on page factors. Yes, you may have the best looking web design in your business sector but the simply truth is you are likely to find that your website is destine never to be found by your potential clients without SEO.


Web design requires artistic talent and web browser knowledge. The layout of each page needs to guide visitors towards your key messages, our creative team therefore ensure your site fits the requirements of both type of visitors (Web user and cyber spider). Keyword research is key to your potential traffic volumes as this can determine the size of each page. Bit like an architect before any building commences all stress elements are factored into the plan or the building will collapse “no traffic “.


Web design is difficult it involves getting a site to deliver product and information that is both easy to use whilst making the experience a pleasure. The navigation around the site is vital, how many times have visited a website but due to poor or over complicated navigation you press the exit button and continue searching elsewhere.











The right quantity and quality of body text is crucial in the world of on page SEO it is equally as important as publishing good sales copy. Text, font, layout all affects how easy it is for visitors to read and the way keywords are arranged throughout the page affects SEO. We would always advice a client to write their own sales copy or commission a good copywriter for the main body text of each page. The reason for this is you have the best knowledge about your business and will be able to ensure the key points are included in your sales copy. You will also know your customers and potential clients, so together we can develop a website that meets all your business requirements.


Product benefits should naturally feature near the top of the page, within the first few words encouraging visitors to read on, so make it interesting. Statistics show that you only have a few seconds to grab attention or potential clients are off to another site. This may seem harsh but that’s the facts E – consumers are very quick to press the back button “give visitors a reason to stay”. Keep it short is often best for the consumer however from time to time this fails to deliver the correct content volume for the search engines and this can lead to poor page rank! Therefore we are back to the layout of the page to meet both on page essentials.


A call to action is something all e-commerce shops require in the headline text; throw something at the consumer to grab attention. Try to get them to buy on their first visit because chances of them returning later are slim. Serious online marketers no how to position vital quality content just like keyword research they spend the time making sure the layout and content delivers results, even if they have to compromise on the overall style of the page.




The reality is many visitors arrive at a website by way of a landing or an internal site page, so the carefully designed introduction on your home page needs to be replicated throughout each and every published web page. The navigation bar and links installed on the home page need to installed throughout the website, make it easy for a user to move around as this will dramatically increase the time a visitor is prepared to spend on your website.


Graphics colour and body text


Site layout should allow graphics, colour and text to be arranged so that all components fit together, and are arranged so that site visitors are lead around the web page; some elements have more weight than others, call to action naturally is very important. The density and location of keywords will naturally be determined by each business sector. The information you want a visitors to notice first and where you want them to navigate towards is central to the layout of each page.


The most effective way to communicate information is via text content although keeping site visitor’s attention with your copy writing is proving more difficult today. Body text is crucial in the way that search engines find out what your site is about so when writing page copy you need to remember you have two key audiences to communicate with.


Font and background


Black text on a white background is still the preferred option principally due to the fact that it remains the easiest combination to read. The array of mishmash designs is endless, but one golden rule remains. If you prefer the more stylish colour backgrounds, one factor must remain constant and that is keep your text content plain! Yes there are some very decorative backgrounds that can be applied but they often make it hard for a visitor to read and when this happens guess what? Yep there off hitting that famous back button to continue their search elsewhere.


Animations and gif’s


Are very eye catching and can make a web page come to life but they should used in a restrained manner it is often to easy to attempt to include to much into the design of a web page and remember white space sales.


Guidelines for improving visitor browsing





Website marketing does not stop when your site has been created and uploaded to a server. The facts are you can have a great site but this does not guarantee you traffic. Many good sites fail online due to poor marketing and promotion. Creating business awareness online is somewhat different than conventional marketing because you need votes (Site links) to each web page the best form of vote is from an authority site, one that is preferably in a similar business sector.


The combination of on page and off page SEO is critical to the success a website is going to deliver. Pages with loads of high-quality content is no good if no one is going to find it. Multinational businesses with a data base of clients and a large promotional budget can afford to spend hefty amounts to generate online traffic, but for the vast majority of SME businesses this type of product launch is simply not a financial option. Whilst on this subject it is important to point out once more the part keyword choice plays, if you select a keyword with more than thirty thousand competing pages the chances are you could find it difficult to obtain a high page rank, even with the correct SEO set up so pick your words carefully! The best way to research keywords is with either Google’s word external tool which is free or wordtracker which is a paid for tool but does allow you to drill down and find those less competitive keywords with traffic. Wordtracker is easy to use and has some very helpful features, both research tools will save you time. Wordtracker is fantastic at finding long tail keywords these are search terms that use three or more words unearth a good long tail word and you will accelerate your website prominence and generate traffic that is ready to purchase.

Web users are often very impatient and will move away from a site if their keyword search is not instantly visible or the content on the page is not focused at the theme they are looking for. Like any other type of promotional activity you need to capture the potential customer’s interest quickly or! Yes you guessed right they hit that back button and are off to a competitor’s site.

When potential clients search the web today they often manoeuvre their mouse at a rapid rate the consequence of this is you may have less than a few seconds to grab their attention. Bizarrely these types of quick fire search patterns often lead to what appears the first reasonable option; the upshot of this is you need to monitor and review the conversion levels of each web page, if its not converting modify the page content or layout.

Imagine for a moment you are on the high street visiting a retailer and are interrupted by a sales person promoting a different or unrelated product range what type of response are you likely to take? Head for the exit and seek an alternate supplier is most likely even if you been in this particular retailer before. Web shopping is no different if your site has pop ups pushing other items then the likely outcome is “hit the back button” and head for the exit so avoid this type of set up.                                                                                                                                                 

The success or failure of your online promotions will hang on the design and search engine optimisation. For more information on how e pineapple can assist your online business development please contact us via the web enquiry form provided here:


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